Client Testimonials & Success Stories

Rob has been working successfully with wineries throughout Northern California for years.

“I’ve relied on him for many wells in many areas on the thousands of acres we farm.”  Said Mark Neal, President of Jack Neal and Son, a vineyard management company based in Saint Helena.  “We farm about 2,999 acres in Napa and Sonoma counties and Rob has always come through for us.”  Neal said he thinks of dowsing as more of an art form than a science – something that can be practiced only by people who have the gift.


Jack Neal and Sons

Recently Rob dowsed another property of Jack Neal and Sons on a 399 acre ranch they manage in the Sonoma County Wine Country.  While drilling the well, Rob received a call from Rick Neal, owner/manager, saying the driller thought they may want to stop and move to another location since they were in pure shale and a serpentine formation at 300 feet.  Rob spoke to the driller and said they should go at least 400 to 425 feet deep since this is where he had felt the first water, despite the terrible formation they were in.    Rick Neal called the driller and said “Take the test hole down to 422.”  Later the same day, Rick called and said, “Rob – you showed us the water!” proclaiming “We hit 200 to 300 gallons a minute after 400 feet.”  It was another successful adventure for the owner and dowser.

Kendall-Jackson Wineries

“It’s a lot more cost-effective to have Rob do it.”  Says Tony Korman, Kendall-Jackson Winery Director of Real Estate.  “He’s been really successful for us, which is why we keep using him.  Rob has done many jobs for us.  The two most recent are the vineyards out in Bennett Valley , and then there is Stonestreet in Alexander Valley.  That one supplies not only the fields, but the winery itself, so we get double use out of it.  Rob spent 3 days walking 1,200 acres and found three potential water sources for my customer.”  “The people I worked for chose the location.  I wasn’t too happy with this location because of the difficult access.  When drilled, the well produced 50 gallons per minute.  The next locations drilled, which I felt were much better, produced 450 and 560 gallons per minute respectively.  Rob Thompson is definitely a gifted dowser.”

Delectus Winery – Knights Valley

Recently Rob was hired to dowse property in Knights Valley for Delectus Winery.  The property had 22 test holes chosen by a local geologist company that uses oil well sounding equipment to find fractures in volcanic formations.  Out of the 22 wells drilled, 3 produced 30 gpm and 2 have almost dried up.  After spending a tremendous amount of money on the geologist and drilling companies, only one well for 112 acres of potential grape vineyards was available.  Rob was contacted to locate more wells.  The first well drilled was a location Rob could feel from more than a quarter of a mile away on the top of a very steep mountain.  It would be difficult access for large drilling equipment.  The cost to cut a road into the mountain would be expensive.  There was no doubt for Rob – he insisted they go for it.    They proceeded with Rob’s first choice and hit a gusher at 300 feet.  The driller estimated it was producing well over 200 gpm.  The second well drilled produced around 30 gpm.  Delectus Winery was able to plant their vineyard and proceed with plans for the future winery.