Dowsing Services

My dowsing services include the following:

  • Water Wells
    • Assist in locating underground water “strata’s”
    • Determine depth and estimated production of water “strata’s”
    • Advise drilling method and consult with drilling companies
    • Determine accessibility for drilling equipment
    • Provide report with GPS Google Mapping system on each well.
  • Oil & Gas Wells
    • Provide map dowsing, as well as “boots on the ground”
    • Determine depths and oil production per day
    • Determine quality and size of reserve
  • Minerals
  • Special Services

I mainly water well dowse in California and locate oil, gas and minerals throughout the United States.

I have a state-of-the-art 70” LED TV with Google Earth mapping system that enable me to remote dowse anywhere in the world.